I've had the opportunity to work with so many wonderful people, and help them achieve their goals! My clients have successfully lost weight, gotten stronger, balanced their hormones, and have created lasting mindset and lifestyle changes.


Read real messages - be inspired, feel their happiness and gratitude, and understand why working with me creates magic!


Getting your dream body is a process, and one that takes time, but with the right support you’ll stay on track and achieve your goals! Be motivated by others' success, because you too can and WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!


Lifetime happiness and success is only one click away!





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Okay, perhaps there's still some hesitation, and I completely understand!


You want to make sure you're choosing the right program, and right support, so you'll achieve the results you desire!


Here are the answers to my most frequently asked questions by interested clients, as well as current coaching clients. 


Do I need to join a gym or buy equipment?

Most definitely NOT! In fact, most clients don't have a gym membership and workout from home. Customized workout plans are just that - customized to your lifestyle, the space and equipment you have available, as well as your goals. As well, live online classes are body weight only - no equipment needed!

I don’t have much time for meal prep, will I be able to stick to the plan with minimal prep?

All meal plans are designed and tailored to your lifestyle and goals - including simple and easy meals to prepare. My plans teach you how to make healthy decisions, and learn how to prepare healthy meals without the use of a plan - plans are sustainable, easy to follow, and enjoyable! That's why they work!

I don’t live nearby, can we still work together?

I currently coach clients who live in Canada, United States, Europe, and even Australia! The beauty of online coaching is I'll stay connected with you, support you, and keep you accountable no matter where you live! Don't let distance hold you back from achieving your goals - sign up, and start today!

What does your typical client look like?

The only thing my clients have in common is they want to make a change. Otherwise, every client is different - I don't have a standard or ‘typical’ client. My clients understand weight loss requires patience, hard work, consistency, empathy, support, and action. Every client has their own individual needs and goals. There isn't a cookie cutter program or diet that works for everyone - if there was, I wouldn't be doing what I do! It doesn't matter what your history is, your age, gender, goals, or where you're starting out from. I work around you, and tailor my programs for YOUR SUCCESS!

Do I have to buy a ton of supplements and/or special foods?

Most definitely not! There are many reasons to add supplements to your diet. However, not all supplements are needed or necessary for overall health and recovery. You can obtain the majority of your required vitamins and minerals through a balanced diet. I only suggest supplements for what you're likely deficient in. Supplements are a natural way of boosting your immune system, and are a cost effective way to keep you healthy. That being said, I only recommend certain vitamins and dietary supplements, but nothing is required.

How will you help me be successful when I’ve failed so many times before?

Let's be real, losing weight and getting stronger isn't easy. If it was, everyone would do it on their own. The road to success usually involves many failed attempts - I know this from personal experience. No matter how many failed attempts you've had in the past, it's not an impossible task. I know I’ll help you successfully reach your goals because I'll keep you accountable, support you every step of the way, and ensure my programs fit YOUR lifestyle! Consistency is key! My plans are easy to follow, sustainable, and most importantly enjoyable - making achieving your goals easier!


Email me: vrosefit@gmail.com